Privacy Policy for Startup Street Customers

This policy will tell you about:
· the information Startup Street may hold about you,
· how we will protect your information,
· how we may share or use this, and
· the rights you have.

As a ‘Data Controller’,Startup Street must comply with Data Protection laws. We will protect the information we hold about you to ensure your right to privacy. If you have any questions, want further information, or want to exercise your rights as listed in this notice, please contact us directly at –

Your personal information

We may collect personal information directly from you, from an organisation that introduces you to our programmes, or other organisations you agree for us to contact. The information may come from application forms, letters, emails or text messages, written material, or discussions. The information we collect, and process could include:

  • name, address, and telephone number, to enable us to contact you
  • date of birth and National Insurance number, to identify you
  • bank account details, if we make payments to you
  • racial or ethnic origin, for statistical purposes and to meet any related needs
  • disability or health status, to tailor our services to your needs
  • any criminal record you may have, so we can provide advice and guidance to you
  • information relating to your work history and past experience
  • details of jobs you apply for and activities you undertake on our programmes, to
    help you increase your skills, and find/stay in employment

Startup Street may also use your information to meet our contractual obligations; for statistical purposes to monitor our performance; to evaluate the effectiveness of our service; and claim payments from commissioners.

Protecting your information

Your data will be stored on secure databases, and only accessed by authorised personnel who have a need to know the information. Data will not be processed outside the European Economic Area without your prior written consent.

Information may be shared with third parties for administration, management
and/or service delivery purposes, where it is necessary and lawful for Startup Street to do so. In all cases we will share only the minimum information necessary and will do this using secure methods such as face-to-face meetings and secure mail. We will only keep your information for as long as we need to meet our contractual and legal obligations. When the information is no longer required, we will destroy it securely.

Authority to collect and process your information

Under Data Protection law, Startup Street has the following legal bases for
processing personal information:

  • it is needed for the performance of a contract you have with us, or to enter a contract, such as accessing our services
  • it is necessary for Startup Street’s legitimate interests, specifically enabling us to provide the services we are commissioned to deliver by government departments and other organisations; and delivering one of our core values by supporting our customers to achieve their right to inclusion and independence, through our work and disability programmes

Certain personal data, such as health information, is called “special category data” and we cannot use this without your written consent, which you can give by signing a consent form provided as part of the specific programme. However, you must be aware that, if you do not give us consent to collect or store your special category data, this may limit the services we can offer you and therefore reduce their effectiveness.

Sharing your information

To help you get maximum benefit from your programme, and to comply with our
contractual obligations, we may need to share some of your information with other organisations and/or individuals.

These could include:

  • the organisation that referred you to our programme, such as Jobcentre Plus, a local authority, health service provider, school, college etc – to tell them how you are progressing.
  • our service delivery partners – to help you get the right support to meet your needs.
  • training providers – to help you improve specific skills or gain qualifications
  • employers – to help you find work or get work experience
  • charities or voluntary sector organisations providing specific support services
  • health care providers and professionals – to help you access essential services
  • your representatives e.g. carers, family members where you ask us to

We will only share information where we have a legal basis as shown above, or when we must by law. Should you wish us not to share your data with a particular organisation or person, please tell the member of staff who is working with you, so we can note this on our records. You can add to or change this list at any time by email.

Your rights and responsibilities

You have the right to:

  • see any of the personal data we hold about you
  • have your personal data corrected if it is inaccurate or incomplete
  • ask us to remove or delete personal data where we are not entitled to hold this, or if there is no good reason for its continued processing
  • restrict or stop us processing your personal data in certain circumstances
  • withdraw consent (where relevant) at any time
  • make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office if you think we are doing something wrong

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please make contact with us directly on email for details of how an application may be made.

When you are accessing your personal data through Startup Street systems you are responsible for following all security instructions e.g. protecting your password, logging out of computers correctly etc. Startup Street cannot accept responsibility for the loss or theft of your personal data if caused by your own negligence.